Inside/Out Fitness Co-op is an open yogic studio, a kinetic experiment, dedicated to raising mental and physical fitness levels through use of internal equilibriums and insight into our own bodies. Located in downtown Winter Haven, Florida, we are a collaborative space designed to easily bring committed teachers of yoga, Pilates and other mindful sciences together with new students, with the aim of spreading the practice of agile movement, unobstructed breathing and conscious exercise. We value passionate teachers that work with the breath, and invite them to participate (hey, call us for details). We cultivate a non-competitive and joyous learning environment for both beginners and experienced practitioners. Our targets are strength, ease, balance and increased range of motion, but you do not need to be “in shape”, “flexible” or have any prior experience to start. Classes are open to all interested persons! Check out our schedule and just come a bit early! We do look forward to learning and practicing with you….Please contact us


Studio 1-8-14


YOUR FIRST CLASS IS FREE! (Just come a few minutes early to your first class)

To register and pay for the 2016 workshop with Leslie Kaminoff, go here:

Kaminoff workshop

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